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about us

“food euphoria” or as the logo indicates the “φ” (*phi) in our hearts…

The Greek letter “φ”, first studied by Pythagoras & Euclid in Ancient Greece, is known as
the “golden ratio” or the “divine proportion” in Mathematics & Arts. But what has
this to do with our food?

Food or φαγητό (fagitó) in Greek, is our way to bring euphoria to your hearts.
The word euphoria or “εὐφορία” in Greek, is derived from the Ancient terms: εὖ (eu)
meaning “well” & φέρω (pherō) meaning “to bear”.

The “food euphoria” concept by “greek foodtales” offers delicious & modern Greek
catering & drinks for your business event, private party or corporate meals.

We cook with passion & love with the golden ratio “φ” of fresh vegetables/meat from
local producers & the selected delicacies from “greek foodtales”.

Our statement

What we do

catering / private cheffing

“Tailor-Made” Menus to fit your Taste & Budget
We create delicious menus with the divine proportion “φ” between:
Salads, Appetizers, Meals, Desserts & Drinks
Vegetarian (>66%) & Carnivorian (<33%) Dishes
Traditional, Modern & Innovative Greek Recipes

greek “streetfood”

We participate in some of the greatest “concept markets” of the
Netherlands with our amazing “streetfood” (& drinks when allowed).
Check our schedule here & find out when we are coming to your
neighbourhood. Join us to enjoy our pita wraps, handmade pies &
sweets in a nice & relaxing setting with music & a lot of fun!

cooking workshops

We offer cooking workshops where you can learn more about unique Greek
products & innovative ways to use them in recipes.
Of course, we can also make traditional recipes… with “our twist”!

“food euphoria” on tour

Hereby you can check where is the next event that we will spread euphoria with our streetfood


Gessel 14, 3454MZ

De Meern (Utrecht)